About the authors

Food Roots was founded in 2006 by Dallas-based professionals Mark Haley and Mary Kimbrough. The two have been friends for more than 20 years and share a lifelong passion for culinary adventure and the pursuit of healthful, wholesome foods. As a child, Mary recalls being fascinated with travel as she and her family explored the various regions of the United States. She became especially enamored with her home state of Texas.  Mark has childhood memories that include savoring a variety of Texas products, from homegrown produce to barbecue and Dr. Pepper.  Today, Mark and Mary continue their enthusiastic exploration of Texas culinary delights, focusing on handcrafted local food products and wine. Their mission is to excite, educate and encourage others to appreciate the healthful benefits and delightful flavors of Texas foods. These objectives, combined with Mark and Mary’s shared knowledge and zest for life drive their passion for Food Roots.


Food Roots  is a  Texas Culinary Tourism company creating unique quality Texas food and wine experience through custom tours, small specialty tours and signature events.  Join us on our adventures in Texas food and wine.