Texas Wine and the Twitter Taste Off


Drinklocalwine.com was started by Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre to discuss regional wine, defined as wine that is not from California, Washington or Oregon.  Among many other writing activities Jeff and Dave write The Wine Curmudgeon and the WineLine blogs.  Regional wine is regional because it is distributed regionally, locally or not at all (some is available only at the winery).  Texas wine clearly falls into the category of regional wine, and on August 15th drinklocalwine.com held its first-ever conference and tasting in Dallas. Called the GO TEXAN DrinkLocalWine.com Conference, the all day event, co-sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Go Texan program, focused on Texas wine and featured some of the state’s best wines, top winemakers, and leading growers.  We were fortunate to be asked to participate.  Mary sat on the first panel of the day discussing Texas wine trends from an agri-tourism and locavore perspective.  I thought a big point of the day was hit home when high plains grower Neal Newsom stated the volume of his high yield and a guy from California laughed out loud and said “That’s not high”.  Growing grapes in Texas is way different from growing grapes in California.  Each grape growing and wine making region in the U.S. has its own unique challenges, successes and failures and the guys from drinklocalwine.com want to talk about it.  And talk they did.  The day ended with a Texas Twitter Taste Off with a room full of some of the best wineries in the state each pouring two of their wines and wine and food writers from all over the U.S. Twittering and blogging about it.  Check out some of the Tweets here and view a couple of YouTube videos here and here.  You can also read more on the conference on Jeff’s and Dave’s blog.

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