Cheese In The Heart Of Texas - The Event




When we walked into the ground floor lobby of the Hilton Austin we could smell the cheese, and the festival was on the fourth floor!  If you love cheese or even if you just like cheese (which includes just about everyone) the American Cheese Society annual Festival of Cheese would be a good thing to put on your Bucket List or 100 things to do before you die list or whatever you call your list.  The 2009 festival in Austin featured a chance to taste over 1000 farmstead, artisan and specialty cheeses and a couple thousand cheese lovers showed up to take it all in.  Where do we start?  External Blue Molded? Cheddar Wrapped in Cloth aged over 12 months?  Fresh Savory Goat’s Milk?  We got selective with our tasting very quickly because there is no way we could possibly taste everything and cheese overload can set in quickly if you don’t pace yourself.  We found a lot of our favorite Texas cheeses and we were able to catch up with Texas cheese makers Paula Lambert, Edgar Diaz, and Stuart and Connie Veldhuizen.  In the end we did pace ourselves pretty well and we headed out in search of a low fat cheese-free dinner.  Sushi was perfect.  The festival is an amazing cheese experience showcasing the vast number of excellent specialty cheeses being made in North America and we are proud of our Texas cheese makers for giving us excellent specialty cheese that we can enjoy every day.  Thanks Y’all.



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