The Omnivore’s Confusion


If our personal dilemma is what do we eat, we have a larger collective dilemma of how do we grow what we eat.  We have trouble personally deciding what to eat and we certainly seem to be unable to agree on the best way to grow or raise our food. The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuals presents a defense of industrial agriculture and a repudiation of Michael Pollan’s Polyface Farm utopia.  We love the Polyface Farm idea and in fact have found a Texas version at JuHa Ranch but we are always faced with the reality of industrial agriculture and its huge impact on our lives.  This article has created a lot of buzz on the blogs and a lot of impassioned responses.  If you are a Michael Pollan believer we are sure you can easily poke holes in the message.  Do turkeys really drown themselves in the rain?  My sources say No.  A friend of ours tells us flat out “don’t mess with Michael Pollan”.  We understand this is both an intellectual and emotional issue for many people but shouldn’t we sometimes at least hear from the other side?  Whether you agree with the message or not, it is food for thought.  Do we sometimes suffer from an omnivore’s brain food dilemma?

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